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Wintery Knight: Does the multiverse counter the fine-tuning argument for God’s existence?

Knight: The multiverse is not pure nonsense, it is theoretically possible.But even if there were a multiverse, the generator that makes the universes itself would require fine-tuning, so the multiverse doesn’t get rid of the problem. And, as Lightman indicates, we have no independent experimental evidence for the existence of the multiverse in any case.

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When beliefs don’t depend on reason…

Miriam Schoenfeld: Let’s work with a hypothetical example. Suppose I’m raised among atheists and firmly believe that God doesn’t exist. I realise that, had I grown up in a religious community, I would almost certainly have believed in God. …
UD News: An alternative approach is Thomas Aquinas’s Five Ways, as explained by Michael Egnor: Arguments for God’s existence can be demonstrated by the ordinary method of scientific inference.