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A theology question you may never have thought of: Is God an android?

From theologian Norman Geisler at Jonh Ankerberg Show: Persons have mind, will, and feelings. Androids have only mind and will, but no feelings. Open theists and others sometimes object to the classical view of God by claiming that if God is impassible then He cannot experience feelings like love and joy. In short, it makes […]

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The core of Christian ethics (for those inclined to put God in the dock)

There is such a strong tendency to project all sorts of accusations against Christian ethics that I believe it is necessary to put the indisputable core of the Christian ethical tradition on the table, to clear the air. And so, Matt 5 – 7, ESV: >>The Sermon on the Mount 5 Seeing the crowds, he [Jesus] […]

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Can quantum physics teach us about divine providence?

From philosopher of science Bruce Gordon at Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies: Divine Action and the World of Science: What Cosmology and Quantum Physics Teach Us about the Role of Providence in Nature Introduction: The Intelligible Cosmos: For science to be possible there has to be order present in nature and it has to […]

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God as a necessary, maximally great, endless being vs. the challenge to an actual infinity

In a recent thread, the Kalam Cosmological argument family was challenged on the issue: can an actual infinity exist? If not (presumably due to Hilbert’s Hotel-like absurdities), then God could not be an infinite being as such is impossible of being. A thread of discussion developed, and I thought a summary intervention may be helpful. […]

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How can God be infinite if actual infinites cannot exist?

From Evan Minton at Cerebral Faith: In defense of the Kalam Cosmological Argument, apologists such as William Lane Craig, Frank Turek, and myself will argue for the second premise (i.e that the universe had a beginning to its existence) by arguing that an actually infinite number of things are impossible. If an actually infinite number […]

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Sean Carroll vs. Luke Barnes: Does God or Naturalism best explain the Universe?

From Unbelievable? at Premier Christian Radio: Eminent cosmologists Sean Carroll and Luke Barnes join Justin for an extended edition of the show debating naturalism, Theism, Big Bang cosmology and fine tuning. Sean, an atheist astrophysicist and author of ‘The Big Picture: on the origins of life, meaning and the universe itself’ argues that naturalism best […]