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Babylon Bee (Twitter jail)

Fun from the Babylon Bee in Twitter jail while Elon Musk tries to buy them and others out

Science: Just last month, Issues & Insights reported a poll it conducted with TIPP, the most accurate predictor of the last five presidential elections, regarding people’s feelings about COVID. The survey found 65% of Americans think COVID policy in the United States is “driven by politics,” with only 21% believing it’s “driven by science.” Read More ›

As the Babylon Bee still awaits rescue from Twitter jail…

From ther Bee: Not To Be Outdone, Bill Gates Buys 9.2% Of MySpace “Gates confirmed he will be making some much-needed changes to the site—adding helpful information on the latest vaccines and boosters, a "Clippy" virtual assistant, and handy information on the benefits of subdermal microchip technology.” Read More ›

As the Babylon Bee staff wait it out in Twitter Jail…

The Babylon Bee's Twitter Account Was Suspended, But That Made Its Story Go Viral “If Twitter's goal had been to remove the harmful content, it backfired spectacularly. That original tweet, which was posted on March 15, had largely flown under the radar – yet when news that the parody site's account was suspended, the tweet suddenly went viral.” Look, it’s an updated version of “Banned in Boston,” right? Read More ›

From the Babylon Bee (still in Twitter jail)

This stuff is not our usual line of coverage. But in these strange times — when Woke American billionaires tell us all when we may and may not laugh — you might be missing the Bee’s sendup of some of the most asinine upperclassmen in Western world history. So here’s your fix. Read More ›