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Bill Nye

Babylon Bee: Earth cools due to Bill Nye’s ego

“We noticed the trend about three years ago, but it really accelerated over the past few months,” an EPA representative told reporters. “After controlling for solar activity and weather patterns, we determined that the biggest factor is the exponential growth in Bill Nye’s self-admiration. His expansive, pretentious hubris now casts a shadow large enough to shield most of the Earth from the warming effects of the sun.” See also: Bill Nye as “a terrible spokesman for science” and “Neil DeGrasse Tyson” Debuts At The Babylon Bee In An Op-Ed and Goes Around, Comes Around: 500 Women Scientists Are Eating Bill Nye…

Bill Nye’s “Christianity vs. the Big Universe” myth

“The big universe is a problem for Christianity” is a claim something like “They’re out there” (meaning ET). It has nothing to do with facts; it is pure social positioning (or posturing). As with the Cosmos’s series’s “artistic license to lie,” it is a way of indicating that their social position is so powerful that they can misrepresent people. Read More ›