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Computer sim universe: An escape from the facts of fine-tuning?

Walter Bradley Center fellows weigh in: The idea that we are a simulation by space aliens is a staple of science fiction, of course (think The Matrix, 1999). But some scientists take this simulation hypothesis seriously. Serious discussion started with a paper by philosopher Nick Bostrom in 2003, “Are you living in a computer simulation?” […]

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Controlling the waves of dynamic, far from equilibrium states: the NF-kB system of transcription regulation.

I have recently commented on another thread: about a paper that (very correctly) describes cells as dynamic, far from equilibrium systems, rather than as “traditional” machines. That is true. But, of course, the cell implements the same functions as complex machines do, and much more. My simple point is that, to do that, you need […]

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Are our political views coded in DNA? Jerry Coyne is not really convinced

As well he shouldn’t be. An op-ed in the Deep Statesville Intelligence claims, Given how natural selection works, it’s entirely possible that an aversion to evolutionary explanations is in itself a product of evolution. In a hostile environment, wouldn’t a belief in selfdetermination be adaptive? But no matter, the point is that anti-evolutionary bias makes […]