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A conversation on a [post?]-Christian civilisation and the impact of the design inference on evidence

Peter Robinson’s Uncommon Knowledge brings three authors together, Tom Holland, Stephen Meyer and Douglas Murray: A key consideration: vs, this notorious poetic assertion: Of course, both of these reflect the rise of the skeptical mindset among the educated elites, the modern inferior good that stands in for the cardinal virtue, prudence. So, we cannot escape Read More…

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Integrated complexity, instantiated to achieve a specific  function is  always caused and implemented by an  intelligent mind

Integrated complexity, instantiated to achieve a specific  function is  always caused and implemented by an  intelligent mind Complexity, in special when implemented to achieve a specific purpose, has always only been observed to be the product of a mind. The more complex, the more evidence of design. In ID, complexity is more defined, when we Read More…

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The Death Knell for Life from an RNA world

The RNA world hypothesis, to be true, has to overcome  major hurdles: 1. Life uses only right-handed RNA and DNA. The homochirality problem is unsolved. This is an “intractable problem” for chemical evolution2. RNA has been called a “prebiotic chemist’s nightmare” because of its combination of large size, carbohydrate building blocks, bonds that are thermodynamically unstable Read More…

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Evolution or Intelligent design: On which side is the evidence?

Socrates, Unepierre, Wilson, Paley, Darwin, Huxley, Spencer: Each side making its case: Where does the scientific evidence lead? Towards Intelligent design, or naturalistic evolution to explain our existence? Where Do Complex Organisms Come From? Common descent, the tree of life, a failed hypothesis How to recognize the signature of (past) intelligent action Read More…

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Aquinas, Ockham, and Descartes about God. A free adaptation of their main arguments

Video made with Artificial Intelligence. Descartes:By ‘God’, I understand, a substance which is infinite, independent, supremely intelligent, supremely powerful, and which created both myself and everything else […] that exists.“I could not possibly be of such a nature as I am, and yet have in my mind the idea of a God, if God did Read More…

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At SciTech Daily: The Fountain of Life: Scientists Uncover the “Chemistry Behind the Origin of Life”

The requirement of a particular sequence of amino acids endows the protein with vast amounts of information, far beyond what could be “chanced upon” by any natural process within the history of the entire universe.

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About the fine-tuning of the Solar system: By Isaac Newton

Who are the scientists of the rank of Isaac Newton today, professing God as Newton did at his time? The universe, our galaxy, our solar system, and the Earth–Moon double planet system demonstrate clearly some remarkable evidence of highly intelligent design. If we consider them separately, each characteristic appears to be highly improbable due to Read More…

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At Alpine lake bacteria deploy two light-harvesting systems

Christopher Packham writes: Though humans, along with other vertebrate and invertebrate organisms, don’t photosynthesize, we’re definitely the downstream beneficiaries of the life forms that do. Phototrophic organisms at the bottom of the food chain convert abundant sunlight into the energy that ultimately powers all other life. The two metabolic systems for harvesting light energy are fundamentally different. Read More…

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Bringing famous scientists back to life and listening to them talking about God and science

Bringing famous scientists back to life and  listening to them talking about God and science For Louis Pasteur, I used free invented text ( see below). The others are 1:1 quotes I am Louis Pasteur, French chemist and microbiologist renowned for my discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization, the latter of Read More…

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Yet Another Example of How Materialism Blinds its Proponents

Over at the post (see here), UB and JVL are having an exchange that illustrates perfectly how materialism blinds its proponents. UB summarizes: In 1948 did John Von Neumann take a page from Alan Turing’s 1933 Machine and give a series of lectures predicting that a quiescent symbol system and a set of independent Read More…