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Babylon Bee

Hey, more fun from the Babylon Bee…

Still in Twitter jail, before we go back to our regular work (It is hard to both work and gather Easter eggs at the same time so… ) Father Of 5-Year-Old Pterodactyl Finds It’s Not Easy To Get Species-Affirming Care In America Bottom Story of the day!: Canadians furious over “Don’t Say Eh” bill. Nothing ever happens in Canada if you don’t count Convoy! If you don’t have to wear a stupid, useless, smelly mask today, thank a Canadian trucker. Chances are, he is rolling up the Alaska Highway and won’t hear you. But never mind. Meanwhile: Here are Woke changes Disney is making to old cartoons. And — remember that English teacher? — Can you name the Christ figure Read More ›

The Bee stings again: 7 ways Christianity ruined science

Babylon Bee: The scientific method was created by a devout Christian, which burdens scientists with restrictive fundamentalist rules: The scientific method limits our science. We're tired of fundamentalist Christians always imposing strict rules. Live a little, for goodness sake! Read More ›

At Snopes: Creationism “bears all the hallmarks of a conspiracy theory”

Curiously, Snopes admits, regarding the piece from The Conversation, “This content is shared here because the topic may interest Snopes readers; it does not, however, represent the work of Snopes fact-checkers or editors.” So… they can get away with publishing this kind of thing because they did not check it out? That is further evidence that Snopes is going downhill fast as a rumor squelching site. Read More ›