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At SciTech Daily: Harvard Researchers Have Linked Spirituality to Healthier Lives and Longer Lifespans

Researchers: “Integrating spirituality into care can help each person have a better chance of reaching complete well-being and their highest attainable standard of health.” Read More ›

Dr John Campbell, more on Ivermectin

Here is Dr John Campbell on Ivermectin (IVM): Recall, here is a picture of the kit used in Uttar Pradesh, India where the sort of protocol illustrated helped break the Delta dominated wave: Food for thought. END

A media bias takedown by the Frontline Doctors

If you needed a case study on loaded language driven slanted reporting, here is a case study that deserves to be headlined: For context, see the de-spin chart: Remember, this has been with lives on the line. END

CoVid Spike Protein and Myocarditis Study: The Covid “Vaccine” is a Spike Protein Initiator.

Today at Phys.Org, this press release and linked paper can be found. Now, listen to this: A research team led by Bristol’s Professor Paolo Madeddu exposed human heart pericytes, which are cells that wrap small blood vessels in the heart, to SARS-CoV-2 Alpha and Delta variants, along with the original Wuhan virus. Surprisingly, they found the heart pericytes were not infected. Intrigued by this finding, in a second test-tube experiment, the researchers challenged the cardiac pericytes with the spike protein alone, without the virus. The spike protein made pericytes unable to interact with their companion endothelial cells and induced them to secrete inflammatory cytokines, suggesting the spike protein is harmful to human cardiac cells. Interestingly, the team found that antibodies Read More ›

Guttmacher vs Worldometer on Abortion statistics

Guttmacher: Unintended pregnancy and abortion are experiences shared by people around the world. These reproductive health outcomes occur irrespective of country income level, region or the legal status of abortion. Roughly 121 million unintended pregnancies occurred each year between 2015 and 2019.* Of these unintended pregnancies, 61% ended in abortion. This translates to 73 million abortions per year. Worldometer has flopped over to 2021. A captured image gives abortion numbers per WHO for 2020: The 30 million spread simply tells us that these statistics are problematic. However the message — an ugly one — is clear. END

The Frontline Doctors put some “plausible” mechanisms for Hydroxychloroquine on the table

In their July 28 seminar, the Frontline Doctors Group led by Dr Simone Gold, have put some plausible mechanisms for HCQ based cocktails on the table. These were noted on in an augmentation to an earlier post, but deserve headlining in their own right: Dr Frieden OP: >>I have found at Bit Chute, a July 28 Frontline Doctors seminar which describes several mechanisms of action. Accordingly, I take liberty to annotate a screenshot, summarising several mechanisms of action described by these Doctors [cf. here for their references], but which are hard to find because of now almost pervasive censorship: I add, that the above suggests a fairly similar viral attack process to the West Nile Virus (which is also an Read More ›

Prof Risch answers critics:

It’s worth headlining from the CV19 thread: Jerry, 579: >>Dr. Risch strikes back. https://washex.am/2DFxdij Hydroxychloroquine works in high-risk patients, and saying otherwise is dangerous As of Wednesday, some 165,000 people in the United States have died from COVID-19. I have made the case in the American Journal of Epidemiology and in Newsweek that people who have a medical need to be treated can be treated early and successfully with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and antibiotics such as azithromycin or doxycycline. I have also argued that these drugs are safe and have made that case privately to the Food and Drug Administration. The pushback has been furious. Dr. Anthony Fauci has implied that I am incompetent, notwithstanding my hundreds of highly regarded, methodologically Read More ›

Some CV-19 data (for reference)

I note, from OWID, today August 13. First, case fatality rate vs population’s median age, though this is oldish data now . . . however exceptionally poor management by the US — an obvious implied thesis — should have been obvious even then: Next, case fatality rate overall — a metric dependent on degree of testing, how deaths are attributed and tracked: In both of these, the USA — subject of an in thread debate — is unexceptional. In particular, it sits spot on for median age of population. END PS: Let me add from Worldometers for the USA, noting that deaths also show much the same pattern: Here, as we went into April, there was a fundamental shift in Read More ›

On the trajectory of Covid-19 (and similar diseases)

As a FYI, we need to understand the pattern of such diseases, so courtesy Yandex Image search (Google did an obvious results suppression): This leads to the simplified U/L trajectory description. If a vulnerable patient catches, things tend to get worse over several days, potentially leading to a crisis from immunity system over-reaction and/or secondary infection (“complications”). That can lead to flat-lining, the L, death. But if one makes it through the trough, a recovery period extends the disease process, the U trajectory. BTW, to see the U/L, invert the black line that rises with severity on the chart. Shouldn’t a deterioration lead to sinking? U/D, HT Jerry and MedCram/Mina: Let’s look at a plot of viral load vs time Read More ›

BREAKING: Is the 1934 Bayer anti-malarial, Chloroquine, a potential Covid-19 breakthrough treatment?

And, why is that (which was announced yesterday by Mr Trump) not top- of- fold headline news everywhere? Bayer, US, has announced, March 19: >>Bayer today announced it is joining the U.S. Government’s fight against COVID-19 with a donation of 3 million tablets of the drug Resochin (chloroquine phosphate). Resochin, a product discovered by Bayer in 1934 and indicated for prevention and treatment of malaria, also appears to have broad spectrum antiviral properties and effects on the body’s immune response. New data from initial preclinical and evolving clinical research conducted in China, while limited, shows potential for the use of Resochin in treating patients with COVID-19 infection. Bayer in recent days has been in talks with the White House, HHS, Read More ›

SIR — “Simple” Basics of Epidemics

Here is a simple SIR model — Susceptible- Infected- Removed: Here, “removed” can be by recovery or death. Obviously parameters are not exact so the next level would explore randomised changes in possible values and time varying models; noting particular clusters that give dramatic outcomes. The S(t) line is an inverted cumulative case curve — if people don’t flee. So C(t) = 1 – S(t) is cumulative cases, a logistic curve. C(t) will at first look exponential until resistance and running out of susceptible population leads to saturation. A supplementary equation could partition recovery vs death, and we can work back from observed patterns with infection and deaths. Further analysis could stratify the population as susceptibility varies with factors such Read More ›

The spreading of corona virus

UK’s Daily Mail reports: They also provide a map: A concern is that mild cases are masked under the common cold, and that the incubation period may be up to four weeks or thereabouts, not the fortnight that has been used hitherto. They are not finding a “patient zero” for some of these outbreaks, which is why there is talk of un-traceability and climbing towards pandemic. On the design front there is speculation that the genome has traces of engineering, and that people may have not been incinerating animals in a biological lab near Wuhan, but illegally disposing of them in the bush meat trade. Speculation, not confirmation. It will be interesting to see the criteria by which they might Read More ›

Are high intensity and/or high blue light “white light” LED’s damaging to our health?

Of course, any high intensity light source is potentially damaging to the retina; that’s why we should not look directly at the sun or try to view a solar eclipse directly. Electric arc welding and lasers — including laser pointers — are also hazardous. Retinal burns are painless and permanent. It is believed that that is how Galileo went blind, looking at the sun too much. So, obviously LED’s that are high intensity come with the automatic warning about any high intensity light source. However, white light LED technology is based on a blue or UV LED with a phosphor that fluoresces with the missing colours to make white, i.e. red and green. Under addition of light, red and green Read More ›