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Is the USA going over the edge as we speak?

Scott Adams, American cartoonist and commenter on events with a particular view to persuasion and narrative dominance seems to agree. Transcript of key comments: I think I’ve been telling you for some time the obvious way that these protests/riots/looting episodes were going to go. There was only one way that these would go under the Read More…

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Sabine Hossenfelder: Flat Earthers are wrong but not stupid

Hossenfelder: It is not possible for each and every one of us to redo all experiments in the history of science. It therefore becomes increasingly important that scientists provide evidence for how science works, so that people who cannot follow the research itself can instead rely on evidence that the system produces correct and useful descriptions of nature.

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New paper: Multicellularity did not follow a simple straight path

From the paper: “For example, do all lineages and clades share an ancestral developmental predisposition for multicellularity emerging from genomic and biophysical motifs shared from a last common ancestor, or are the multiple origins of multicellularity truly independent evolutionary events?” Stuart Newman is one of those The Third Way scientists seeking an alternative to sterile Darwinism.

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Hybrid pet cat bred from species as different as humans and chimpanzees

Or so they say. Working on a story about unusual facts about cats, I (O’Leary for News) came across an interesting piece of information from a NOVA documentary: CARLOS DRISCOLL: All domestic cats, up until the last 20 years, have been purely Felis silvesteris. Humans have, very interestingly, now hybridized the domestic cat with a Read More…