Intelligent Design

Iowa State University and the Tenure Case of Guillermo Gonzalez: An Interview with Professor Conway Moore

What are the issues surrounding the Gonzalez tenure case? Dr. Moore discusses stategies for removing top researchers from research univeristies because they are openly Christian. The key, as Dr. Moore explains, is clever application of policies dealing with diversity, tolerance and academic freedom. Read More.

Intelligent Design

Grand Champion of the “2007 Push Them in the Fire Tournament” is disqualified at this year’s Darwin Camp Jubilee

This annual competition teaches Darwin Scouts applied natural selection and survival of the fittest. This year’s winner, a 28 year old ex-motorcycle gang member from Oakland, California, shows no remorse after cheating. Darwin Scouts must be between the ages of 8 and 14. “Let him keep the prize,” says Finch. “There are no rules in Read More…

Intelligent Design

Should life be defined to begin at college graduation?

Charles Darwin Institute of Technology (CHIT) in Boston, Massachusetts is the first institution of higher learning to award Certificates of Existence along with diplomas for earned degrees. The certificates are in support of the Progressive Abortion Law (PAL) legislation currently being considered by the Massachusetts legislature. PAL will allow abortion to be performed up to Read More…


Freedom to Mutate

Mutations create variation in the gene pool, and the less favorable mutations are removed by natural selection, while more favorable ones tend to accumulate, resulting in evolutionary change. To give our children and children’s children the advantage of accelerated evolution, it is now possible to speed evolution with a new food supplement from Finch’s Foods. Read More…