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Semi-circles and right angle dilemmas . . .

Daily Mail reports on a class assignment for seven year olds that happened to be set for the daughter of a Mathematics Lecturer at Oxford. Maths lecturer is left baffled by his seven-year-old daughter’s geometry homework and turns to Twitter for help – so can YOU work out if it’s true or false? Dr Kit Yates shares his seven-year-old daughter’s maths homework to Twitter The question asked students whether a semi-circle had ‘two right angles’ or not The maths lecturer, from Oxford, admitted that he was stumped by the problem  People were left baffled by the question and came up with conflicting answers  By Kate Dennett For Mailonline Published: 17:40 GMT, 25 February 2021 | Updated: 17:40 GMT, 25 February Read More ›

NASA stresses naturalist origin of life to kids

Example: In response to a question re space aliens, "“The question presumes that aliens do exist. And again, because we haven’t found any yet, we don’t know if they do. It is possible they may exist, for one simple reason: we exist. Whatever made the likes of bacteria evolve into complex bodies with intelligent brains on Earth may have also occurred on another planet.” Read More ›

Preparing the public for the slow demise of Darwinian evolution theory

Mike Behe’s new A Mousetrap for Darwin is available today and that’s the position he takes. That’s our sense too. What about New Scientist’s thirteen reasons for moving past Darwin and the doubts about speciation? Whatever else maybe said of these folk, they are not currently suffering from Darwinbrain. We need to distinguish between rubbish dropkicked from one edition to the next of a public school textbook and what alert minds are really thinking. And they're really thinking that it's time to move on. Read More ›

In the science fraud stakes, Haeckel beats Piltdown …?

The fascinating thing about Haeckel’s embryos, which do take the crown for long running fakes that actually matter, is that they were well known for a long time to be fake and even defended. But upholding Darwinism so conveniently for so long gave the faked drawings their legitimacy. Read More ›

U.S.College students perceive “evolution” as atheistic

Well, the New Atheists, however tattered and fragmented their movement is now, can boast at least that one success. They’ve made quite clear to alert persons that Darwinism (referred to here as “evolution”) is atheistic. Read More ›

Our betters speak: Ban homeschooling to prevent kids questioning science

Science is the kind of thing that thrives on being questioned. All sciences have been built up on the foundations of questioned and discarded science. That’s just how it works. Check the history. Banning questioning science is how we get dead zones. Read More ›

The Darwinians show their lovely faces in Brazil

It really doesn’t matter all that much what the accusations are. Right now, Darwinism is a fat living for people who don’t like challenges or thinking too hard. They will do their best to undermine Aguiar Neto, no matter what he does for the average Brazilian science student. And no wonder there is a growing number of populist revolutions in the world. Read More ›

The College Board Exams (Darwin-only evolution) meets COVID-19

Independent journalist Suzan Mazur followed up with the College Board testing on evolution knowledge among U.S. students, which seems to test mainly for familiarity with the Darwin sect’s interpretation. Well, we can spare you the suspense, dear readers, by revealing that they weren't thrilled to hear a critical question. Read More ›

At Oscillations: “Natural selection” issue stirs again at College Boards

It goes on and gets way better. You’ll be amazed at the idiocracy that the testing establishment takes for granted and promotes. Read at her site about how one testcrat even administered the same test twice, a fact advertised on the internet… and more. By the way, why don't we hear much about this from other science writers? Read More ›

Science writer dons sandwich board: Ask me anything about evolution!

But why on earth did she think that such a strategy would ever be an aid to effective communication? Wasn’t she, at bottom, just trying to put the supposedly stupid mid-Western rubes on display for the supposedly sophisticated Brits? That stuff is wearing thinner all the time though the targeted Brit demographic might be the last to know. Read More ›

The Darwin inquisition, we are told, is furious about Brazil

Jay L. Wile: The progress of science depends on questioning the scientific consensus. Whether or not it was intentional, Brazil’s government decided to appoint someone who is skeptical of the consensus in a position of influence when it comes to science education. Read More ›